4 Persons Model ES 3.1 Apesanteur SPA Ⓡ

ES31Ap 12
  • New 2017, this spa is designed and made by our own professionals and is absolutely the most complete jacuzzi in the market.

    ES 3.1 is equipped with an innovative concept of weightlessness massage. This spacious spa with luxurious design and finishes is truly an oasis of wellbeing.

    Aquatic Osteopathy at home is now possible with ES 3.1 Apesanteur. A series of high-end equipment, innovative stainless steel jets provide new sensations, they are all distributed according to the principles of reflexology. All jets positions and functions are specially designed for optimum relaxation and unique effects. ES 3.1 Apesanteur is a 4-place model with total 108 jets, each place provides a specific massage program and is equipped with the best nozzles of the market for a unique balneotherapy effect and an optimal life.

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Try the most complete massage experience in the world: massage in Apesanteur Spa ES 3.1