Espace Spas, a subsidiary of Espace Cover, has carefully selected a range of spas exclusively for the European market. Our team of designers, working closely with a design office specializing in the manufacture of French swim spas, has created a brand new top-of-the-range spa for you: weightless.

The philosophy behind our range of spas: reliable, quality products combining noble, resistant materials.

Choosing a spa from Espace Spas is the assurance of acquiring a quality spa at a price that gives you peace of mind. Spas are products designed by spa professionals. Our range of 2-7 seater spas are designed to American standards. Our Jacuzzis are equipped as standard with professional-quality components (Aristech, Lucite, Balboa, Gecko).

Be spa offers you the best in whirlpool baths: spa for your health, spa for relaxation, spa for leisure, spa alone or as a couple or with friends… Discover our new range of built-in swim spas.

Comfort and ergonomics

Espace Spas offers a wide range of spas to suit the whole family. The best-selling ES 3.1 Apesanteur model, with 2 seats, a reclining seat equipped with DORSAL MASSAGE, a new concept in weightlessness and 108 jets, will give you the massage power you need to be at your best. Genuine home balneotherapy equipment.

System and options

Espace Spas offers a wide range of well-equipped spas. In fact, every spa is equipped as standard:

  • A programmable control system to prepare your moments of relaxation in advance.
  • A receiver (radio/aux) with retractable pop-speakers and Poly-Planar (optional).
  • Chromotherapy with a multicolored LED system.
  • Aromatherapy for diffusion of relaxing scents and essential oils.
  • A waterfall that reproduces the relaxing sound of rushing water.
  • A complete hydrotherapy system, adjustable to individual needs.

Espace Spas, a benchmark in the spa world

EspaceSpas wants to establish itself as one of the leaders in the manufacture, purchase and sale of weightless spas and built-in swim spas: swim spas, acrylic spas. Our top-quality spas, designed with the latest technology, guarantee your comfort and peace of mind.

Espace Spas, technology for your comfort

Thanks to the technologies offered and embedded in our spas, you’ll be able to relax and rediscover your inner vitality: hydrotherapy, hydro-massage, aromatherapy headrests for maximum comfort, therapeutic seats, all products are designed to help you enjoy a moment of relaxation with friends or family. To immerse you in well-being and enjoy your spa in all seasons, you’ll also find Led lighting systems and spa shelters to protect you from the cold in winter. For all those audiophiles who would like to enjoy soft, pleasant music, most of our spas are equipped with audio systems to let you drift off to your favorite tunes.

Spa - Espace Spas range

Discover our range of classic spas from 2 to 7 seats, each with its own features such as extra-deep, extra-wide or reclining seats, aromatherapy, chromotherapy or music therapy…The classic range has been specially developed to offer you a high-performance product at a very reasonable price. High-quality components (Balboa, Aristech acrylic, Sono audio Poly Planar), optimum ergonomics and, above all, reliable and available after-sales service. Our advisors are at your disposal Monday to Saturday by e-mail or by telephone 09 51 63 22 98 to support you throughout your EspaceSpas experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us!