At EspaceSpas, we always strive for maximum well-being. That’s why all our spas are equipped with LEDs as standard. Dim the lights as much as possible to create the most enchanting ambience, with LEDs as lights. Activate the various jets, put on some relaxing music, and let yourself be transported for an unforgettable moment of relaxation.

Chromatherapy, the healing power of colors :

Chromatherapy is a method of harmonizing and healing certain physical or emotional disorders through the use of colors. Care is based on sensory or-ganes, including sight. According to this discipline, colors have a direct influence on the mind and body. Chromatherapy is a blend of psychology, art, physics and medicine. Chromotherapy is neither scientifically recognized nor medically validated by the French Academy of Medicine. This is an alternative medicine that can only be used as a complement to, and not instead of, allopathic medicine.

The principle of chromotherapy :

Just as a musical instrument needs to have all its strings tuned to the right key to produce a harmonious sound, chromatherapy is designed to let us enjoy the entire basic spectrum of colors. Each one offers specific benefits. According to the principle of chromotherapy, colors can provide us with exceptional stimuli, such as the modification of certain moods that affect a person’s overall balance. According to chromotherapy enthusiasts, colors can calm or even increase vital energy, or correct certain disorders.

Color chromatherapy

Chromatherapy uses eight colors, derived from the three primary colors and their various combinations. Some add pink, magenta or indigo. We can say that each color has its own meaning, based on natural and sensory experience and on the many experiments that have used colors:

  • Red: transmits energy and initiative, gives desire. Recommended for physical apathy, atony, colds caused by cold, hypotension. Red is a sign of extra-version. In excess, it can cause irritability, aggressiveness and fatigue.
  • Yellow: clarity and joy, revitalizing and stimulating the brain and enthusiasm. Yellow is assimilated to sunlight. It’s an effective antidepressant. It is also recommended for digestive disorders. To excess: irritability and prejudice.
  • Orange: a blend of red and yellow, it combines the benefits of these two colors: the physical activity provoked by the former and the lucidity of the latter. Orange offers emotional health, communication and creativity, is encouraging and combats inhibitions. It also regulates hyperthyroidism and repairs most tissues. To excess: it causes nervousness and agitation.
  • Blue: refreshing, relaxing, it is indicated for insomnia, mental fatigue and stress, palpitations, hypertension, acute pain, fever, elimination of cellular residues, it is also antiseptic. Blue awakens intuition and talent when combined with green. To excess: melancholy and meditation.
  • Green: a clever blend of lucid yellow and soothing blue, green creates a calm, restorative, soft and fresh atmosphere, ideal for recovering from physical or mental fatigue. It stimulates cell growth and regeneration. Green is tonic and rebalances the nervous and circulatory systems. In excess, it can weaken or depress.
  • Turquoise: calms and reduces inflammation and infection, helping the immune system. Composed of yellow, it also stimulates discernment and the desire to share it with others, and facilitates concentration.
  • Violet: calms and strengthens the nervous system, enhancing mental performance. It is recommended for certain psychological disorders, general anxiety and fear, and memory loss. It helps blood detoxification and rheumatism problems linked to dampness. In excess, it can trigger grief or concealed anger.

Chromatherapy in practice

We recommend using chromotherapy every time you use the Spa, from ten to thirty minutes every 3 days. Results should be visible after two or three weeks.

Chromotherapy is neither scientifically recognized nor medically validated by any Western health authority. No scientific evidence or publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal has ever demonstrated its effectiveness. It is an alternative medicine that can only be used as a complement to, and not instead of, allopathic medicine.