You’re no doubt familiar with these symptoms: sensations of heaviness and tingling, swollen ankles at the end of the day… The cause is poor lymphatic and venous circulation due to hormones, but also bad habits, such as crossed legs or static standing, which compress microcirculation. Retaining water, the body needs drainage to boost the system and refine the legs. It’s possible to regain light legs!

Feeling heavy, tingling, swollen ankles at the end of the day, varicose veins… The vast majority of women complain of heavy legs. Hydro-massage not only promotes general well-being, it also improves venous return and relieves unpleasant symptoms. Based on techniques designed to drain excess water, circulate fluids, relax muscles and tone veins, it is recommended for managing circulation problems and improving muscle recovery.

With our bestseller ES3.1 Weightlessness, learn to take stock of your legs; the benefits of Hydro- massage; advantages for: draining, circulating, relaxing and toning; sensitive areas.

After physical exertion or stress, rest or a hot bath are not enough to recover properly. A hydro-massage session is designed to relax muscles and relieve contractures and tension. And there’s nothing like hydrotherapy to reduce muscular tension. A multitude of adjustable jets are meticulously positioned along the legs of the 3 seats, providing stimulating and relaxing massages to help your muscles eliminate toxins and recover. These massages are performed from the soles of the feet up the thighs to the shins.