Cascade de Nuque

It can therefore be useful to relax the trapezius muscles when you feel stiffness and/or pain in your neck, shoulders or upper back. Hydrotherapy sessions can help relieve stress-related tension and torticollis.

The neck cascade massages from the nape of the neck to the base of the skull (slightly above a horizontal line passing through the earlobes, allowing the muscles to relax). We recommend finishing your massage session with the neck cascade. The icing on the cake of a perfect hydrotherapy session is a cascade of 37° water on the back of your neck.

The recipient’s head should be upright, resting on the cushion in the middle of the seat. The arms should rest on the armrests, and there is a cushion for the lumbar region.

Adjustable, directional jets relax the trapezius muscles from the comfort of the spa. With your back straight and your neck stretched, find the right posture, look straight ahead, tuck your chin in towards your breastbone and lower your shoulders. Once correctly installed, adjust the nozzle orientation to the appropriate zones.