Weightless Massage is one of the most innovative options on today’s spa market. The development of this new concept required many hours of hard work and imagination to conceive it as it is.

This exclusive massage creates a floating sensation, with users feeling as if they’re floating on a cloud. The Weightless Massage provides soothing, head-to-toe therapy, with the option of lying on your stomach or back.

Our design department, in collaboration with osteopathic specialists, have worked hard to develop the “Weightless Massage” experience. They carried out numerous tests to determine the best shell shape for optimum comfort. Numerous tests were carried out on men and women of different morphologies when designing the mold. Numerous modifications had to be made to the mold design in order to find the best shape. Once this very important element was in place, the development team was able to tackle the distribution of the various jets and the calculation of hydraulic flows to achieve the best massage on the market. Weightless massage

Imagine floating weightlessly in 37° water, being gently massaged on all the sensitive parts of your body by 37 different-sized nozzles. The result was a brand-new, pioneering experience of its kind, making the ES3.1 Weightless model EspaceSpas’ No. 1 seller.

Arm massage

There are many ways to get a massage. On the arms, these are generally
active kneading of the triceps area and wide pinching of the triceps.
zone. The term “rotary kneading” is sometimes used, but it’s a rather barbaric name,
when you apply a hydro-massage to this area, it gives you a sense of well-being!
The idea here is to stimulate the muscle (in particular the triceps and biceps) and the
peripheral blood circulation thanks to various hydro-massage jets positioned
specifically for this purpose.

Hydro-massage kneading of the triceps – Triceps kneading with a steerable jet is a new way of kneading the triceps.
hydro-massage technique, which provides deep muscle stimulation and
firm the area while improving blood circulation in the arm. It can be useful
to improve the firmness of the back of the arms, in particular to “loosen fat”.

Regularity is the key word!

For optimum effectiveness, it is important to massage your arms every week,
ideally twice or three times a week: morning or evening. Regularity and consistency are
when it comes to arm massage.

Chest massage

When EspaceSpas talks about pectoral massage, we’re talking about the muscle, not the muscles.
breasts. It’s true that for the average person, the pectoral is synonymous with breasts.
for the professional massage therapist, the pectoralis is the muscle that attaches to
the clavicle, at the junction of the ribs and the sternum, and as a final attachment, the slide
bicipital of the humerus. When massaging the pectoral, avoid touching the nipple. Visit
massage focuses on these three ties.

As you can see from the image, the pectoral muscle forms a triangle.
which covers the upper part of the thorax.

Why is it important to massage the chest?
To keep its balance, the body must constantly counterbalance its musculature to compensate for overloads of certain muscles. So, if tension develops in the back, the body will compensate by contracting the muscles on the front of the body to balance the forces. Similarly, if tension develops on the right side, the muscles on the left will react by contracting in turn. This is called compensation.

Perhaps you’ve already figured out why pectoral massage is so important!

Most people who consult us have tension in their shoulders and back.
Indirectly, and without realizing it, their bodies have developed compensations by
creating equivalent tensions on the front of the body.

Simply massaging the back is not enough to achieve complete relaxation. In fact, once the massage is over, the body, to compensate for the tensions now concentrated in the pectoral muscles, will send a signal to the brain to re-establish tensions in the back to rebalance forces. We are in a circle