Does your neck hurt, sometimes a little lower, towards the shoulder blades?

The origin may be muscular. Sitting in front of your computer all day?

Have you slowed down or stopped taking part in sport because of your hectic schedule?

Your muscles are simply too weak to hold a good position
all day long. Some muscles compensate by overworking, resulting in muscle contractures. You’ll need to relearn how to stand up straight, stretch contracted muscles and build up those that need stamina. The cause may be structural.
Your doctor has advised you to have physiotherapy sessions. EspaceSpas offers you its brand new Spa model ES 3.1 Apesanteur (aquatic osteopathy at home)
A few hydrotherapy and coordination exercises are all it takes! And yes, it’s simple,
but they have to be done properly. Forget massages, infrared lamps and electrotherapy, all of which have only a fleeting effect! Get to know your body, hydrotherapy sciences at your home will work the muscles in depth. We recommend that you combine these aquatic osteopathy sessions with regular exercise. You’ll quickly notice changes in your body, as hydrotherapy is a source of relaxation and well-being.

Action plan: “stretching – exercise – sport or hydrotherapy”.

Hydrotherapy helps develop muscle structure.
Start by stretching. This relaxes tired, contracted muscles. You decompress your vertebrae that are too “compressed”. Become aware of your body schema…
integrate your bad position. Have fun watching people go by on the street as you sit quietly on a café terrace. You’ll be amazed at how passers-by behave!