The back is one of the areas of the body most prone to tension. In fact, many powerful muscles are involved in this area, and it is essential to relieve them by massaging them.

Prepare for back massage

  • Before starting the hydro-massage, make sure the water in the Spa ES 3.1 Apesanteur is sufficiently heated, between 36° and 38°, to allow the muscles to relax.
  • Be sure to perform a few simple relaxation exercises before entering the spa.
  • Get ready to let go and relax all your faculties: mental, psychic, muscular… Choose gentle relaxation music, add specially designed natural aromas, turn on the LED lighting to accompany your massage and enjoy a chromotherapy session.

Note: throughout the massage, you should never drink alcoholic beverages, and avoid being distracted (Smartphone etc….) To receive an optimal massage, it’s essential to be in the right conditions.